I'm a student that likes to code cool simulations (like the fluid simulation on this page). I love bleeding edge things. I watch out for bugs and won't rest until I squash them.

Languages I enjoy coding in


If you are just looking for some things to play around with, here are some things you can try. Many of these projects are part of a collaboration with Cole so please check him out as well

brownian motion simulation

Traffic dots

Just a fun little project where dots move randomly semi locked to a grid. They bump into each other and you can click to repel or attract them, depending on the setting.

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car simulation

Car Evolution

This project uses the planck.js physics engine to simulate cars that evolve to drive through a course. Heavily inspired by BoxCar2D.

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boids simulation


Boids is a term that is used to describe objects which travel in groups. This project simulates boids shaped like caterpillars.

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Technical Details

The fluid simulation was made with regl. It was inspired by the gpugems fluid simulation. The main body of the site was handcoded. You can view the entire source on github